Release Note:

Release Date: 10-10-2010
Versio : 1.3
File size: 1.5 GB
Homepage: Javanesse.Net


What the JavaMacBuntu is?

Javamacbuntu have many feature of linux based on 10.10 maverick meerkat. This operating sytem its plug and play linux OS with macintosh design where we can boot without installing this operating system.

JAVA MacBUNTU 10.10-i386 rev.1.3 Maverick Meerkat Ubuntu based is a simple and usefull with very elegant MacOSX theme were have many beautifull effects.JAVA MacBUNTU 10.10-i386 rev.1 Maverick Meerkat Ubuntu based also bootable from your USB Flasdisk with live system feature. So, You can try this Operating System without installing on your Hardisk.JAVA MacBUNTU 10.10-i386 rev.1 Maverick Meerkat Ubuntu based can be use to backup your corrupt Operating System and put Your important data to other place.JAVA MacBUNTU 10.10-i386 rev.1 Maverick Meerkat Ubuntu based can be use to removing some dangerous virus or malware where it can duplicate theirself from Windows Operating System .JAVA MacBUNTU 10.10-i386 rev.1 Maverick Meerkat Ubuntu based have many feature.Here the applications on my start menu:
– Adobe air
– Calculator
– Character map
– Disk usage analyzer
– Manage print job
– Nfo viewer
– Screenlets
– File Search
– Screenshooter
– Terminal
– Text editor
– Tomboy notes
– Tuxcut (netcut for linux version)
– Solitaire
– Balazar brothers
– Extreme tux racer
– Foobilliard
– Frozen bubble
– Gbrainy
– Mahjongg
– Metal blob solid
– Mines
– PCSX (Playstation emulator included bios)
– Play On Linux (play windows applications on linux)
– PokerHT
– Quadrapassel
– Sudoku
– Triger Car racing
– Xboard chess
– Gimp
– Blender
– Inkscape
– Gpixpod picture managemen for Ipod
– Simplescan
– Showtell Photo manager
– Angry IP scanner
– Bareftp
– Empathy internet messaging
– Evolution mail
– Filezilla ftp client
– Firefox
– Google chrome
– Gwget
– Gwibber chat client
– Opera
– Pidgin
– Putty
– Remote Desktop viewer
– Teamviewer
– Terminal server client
– transmission bittorent client
– Xchat IRC
– Dictonary
– Evolution Mail and calender
– Libre office
– Bluefish editor
– Hex editor
– Geany
– Alsa mixer GUI
– Brasero disk burner
– Cheese webcam both
– Desktop recorder
– Gaupol subtittle editor
– Gnome alsa mixer
– Gtk Pod manager
– Hipo Ipod Manager
– ISO master
– Jack Control
– Jokoser audio editor
– Movie player
– Pitivi video editor
– Rakarrack Guitar effect prossesor
– Rhytimbox Audio Player
– Sound Recorder
– Tux Guitar tab player & editor
– VLC media player
– Virtual box
– Ubuntu tweak
– Java virtual machines
– xsensor Hardware monitor
[WINE] on WINE and Play On Linux, You can unning some windows application based, Like Feeding frenzy2 the game,GTR400 the game,Adobe firework CS3 portable edition,SJboy J2ME emulator work perfectly.TESTED BY MYSELFAnd many more applications like a apt-proz. You can downloading file or installing software on the internet more faster.
just typing on Your terminal “apt-proz http://example/example.txt” or “sudo apt-proz install example” to downloading file 4time more fasterSo, What are You looking for???
Install it, feel it, enjoy it, and give me some feedback to the next version.

If you have some Question about JAVA MacBUNTU 10.10-i386 rev.1 Maverick Meerkat Ubuntu based, Please contact me at Contact Page or you can easly to add my facebook account






if you have a penny, i want you to contribute for this project
Here my contributing page
Not for me, but for them all.
After all, Thank you very much.
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